Panama Foglie Lamè Tablecloth
The festivities will be even brighter with the Foglie Lamè table-set, graced by a band of lurex fabric and beautiful leaf embroidery depicting the calla, the flower whose dazzling beauty was the envy of Venus in mythology.
Snowflakes Tulle Tablecloth
A myriad of gilt snowflakes sit gracefully on the tulle of this new set, bringing refinement and delicacy to your table at Christmas or on other special occasions. Its embroidery can be enhanced by laying it on top of the gauzed linen Undercloth.
Sofia Gold Tablecloth
The Sofia Tablecloth is at its most lustrous for Christmas. Your table will become the queen of the home and capture the gaze of all your guests. The Punto Milano inspired lacework gives the tablecloth a timeless magic.
Melange Christmas Tablecloth
Silver stands out in all its lustre amidst your Christmas décor, thus adorning this exquisite Melange Christmas Tablecloth. A truly refined way to celebrate the festivities and, why not?, every special occasion!
Panama Lamè Christmas Tablecloth
The mere presence of the Natale Panama Lamè table set, in pure linen, will give your home all the Christmas atmosphere it deserves! Bright red with gold detailing, it will adorn your table with joy and good cheer throughout the festive season.
Foglie d'Argento America Tablecloth
Christmas is the most keenly awaited moment of the year: make it even more special with the Foglie d’Argento table-set. The embroidered pattern of calla flowers on the pure linen tablecloth will provide the perfect scenario for all your Christmas conviviality.
Penelope Tablecloth
The dazzling Penelope tablecloth, with its gold profiled geometrical patterns, now comes in the Christmas colour par excellence, red. Indispensable on every festive occasion.
Foglie d'Argento Runner
Runners are a very modern solution and are laid across the table for pairs of guests sitting opposite one another. With Calla leaves embroidered in silver, they are perfect for an elegant but not too formal dinner and a great idea for Sunday brunch.
Sofia Tramezzi Runner
The past relives in the inspired design of the modern and elegant Sofia Runner: the Milano stitch lace pattern dresses the table in beauty and also adorns the exquisite cutlery case!
*This item can be fully customized. For further information write to
Snowflakes America Placemat
Ideal for winter breakfasts or as an unusual and informal way of laying the table during the festive period! The Snowflakes America Placemat tulle table set is an original and chic gift idea for lovers of the cold season!
Miranda Macramè Placemat Set
The delicate entwining of the America Miranda table set, coming in either gold or silver, enhances your table with its lustre. An original idea for laying the festive table and at the same time decorating it with taste and elegance!
America Vania Placemat
A unique, striking combination: Jacquard satin fabric, completely embroidered with floral decorations inspired by 18th century motifs. The alternation of elegant whorls and areas of light make it perfect to astonish your guests with its careful detailing and classic modern style.
*This item can be fully customized. For further information write to