Domitilla Towels
The elegant and refined collection of Domitilla towel reveals a great love for details and colours that have been selected from a well-defined colour chart. The fabric used features luxuriant flower motifs in a very naturalistic style where the petals of the large corollas are inspired by the motifs of a 19thcentury Point de Rose stole belonging to the Arnaldo Caprai Museum Collection.
Le Temps Retrouvè Towels
Bobbin lace produced in Belgium from the late 17th century. In the 18th century it was the most sought-after lace of the courts of Europe. With the invention of mechanical tulle in the 1800s, a more economical production began that created Brussels Appliqué and the Brussels 
Armida Towels
Tiny little bells of flowers “bloom” out of the intertwining waves which form a harmonious and charming pattern embroidered on tulle, enhanced by the shining cotton satin. 
Rosa di Maggio Towels
The lace of Rosa di Maggio terry towels recalls the splendour of Baroque Art that pervaded Europe in the 1600s, when a veritable revolution in the form of lace took place. The elegant lace that frames the fine towels is an extraordinary example of needle lace flat Punto Venezia.
Perla Towels
Soft and stylish, complete sponge Perla is embellished with a delicate strip of cotton worked on which is embroidered a reason to order flowers that seem to whirl on the sinuous waves.
Primavera Towels
An emotion that envelops you, a unique Italian style that combines beauty, harmony and poetry. Thin interlaced volutes with uniform dimensions mix with almost abstract little flowers in Primavera Towel Set. A play of lines and shapes that, together with a colourful fabric, make your home look new.
Sofia Towels
Green is the ideal colour for conveying harmony, a sense of balance and natural elegance, conjuring the arrival of spring, and marries perfectly with the terrycloth of the romantic Sofia Towels. Also available in grey and beige. 
Zarina Towels
The Zarina was the Russian Imperial Majesty, and for this article, so rich, there could not be a more appropriate name. The wide embroidered border that finishes the tablecloth is a creation that brings back motifs of the late 1800s: Point de Gaze working and mixed needle and bobbin stitching on a delicate bar work; the napkins are trimmed with delicate openwork.
Ortensia Towels
A terry cloth set made more precious by the beautiful Jacquard orchids and tulips which “bloom” out of the Jacquard flounce which trims the soft towels. A very delicate floral motif which will make your bathroom even more elegant.
Diamante Rosa Towels
Just as elegant and refined as a diamond, the beauty of the towels Diamante Rosa is enhanced by the flowers and buds made in Flat Venice Stitch, a type of needle lace created by the skilled hands of Venetian lace makers in the 17th century. The set also comes in linen cloth.