Linen Towels

Benedetto Linen Towels
The Scrigno Benedetto bath set is made of pure linen towels embroidered with precious cotton lace. The set consists of two wipes, one with a size of 110x60 and the other 65x40 cm.
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Sofia Macramè Linen Towels
Lace expresses its style in an elegant and refined collection that proposes the typical motifs of traditional textile art reinterpreted in a modern key. The linen blend towels are made more precious by a refined macramé lace border.
Arte Barocca Linen Towels
The lace, with its chiaroscuro effects and sinuous floral motifs, is like a poem whose lines convey a sweet melody and nobody can be indifferent! The Flat Venice Stitch corners, flounces and inserts are the most precious details of this textile masterpiece.
Rosa Dei Venti Linen Towels
Also in the Nautica Collection are the pure linen Rosa dei Venti Towels. As long ago as mediaeval times, linen was by far the fabric of preference due to its freshness, durability, hygiene and lightness, and for its tonic effect on the skin.
Riflessi Preziosi Linen Towel Set
The gold yarn of the embroidery highlights the sophisticated style, and gives a touch of classic modernity. The bath linen set is made of the very softest terrycloth and linen: a ritual of pampering that gives your bath an enormous sophisticated look with the floral motifs. The bathroom will be lit up with new brightness and elegance.