Rinascimento Bed Set
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Rinascimento Bed Set

The name that suits best to define this masterpiece of textile art: the lace is inspired by a Vinciolo drawing, published in the 16th century. The geometric shape of the decorative elements favored the dissemination of the first works made by lace makers, as being an universally recognized geometric perfection. It’s one of a kind able to offer itself free from regional peculiarities and from the signs of time.        

The Rinascimento Bed Set consists of 1 top, 1 bottom sheet, 2 pillowcases, 1 duvet cover, 2 pillows 70x70, 2 pillows 41x41.

*This item can be fully customized. For further information write to contatti@caprai.it

€1,943.00 €1,943.00 (VAT excl.)


Fabric: 100% cotton satin, tulle: 69% cotton, 31% polyester, embroidery: 100% cotton. 


Top and bottom sheets 270x300, pillowcases 100x60, duvet cover 260x240, 2 pillows 41x41, 2 pillows 70x70.