Sofia Runner

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The past relives in the inspired design of the modern and elegant Sofia Runner: the Milano stitch lace pattern dresses the table in beauty and also adorns the exquisite cutlery case!

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1 Runner 178X50 cm

2 Napkins48X48 cm


Runner: 69% polyester, 31% cotton

Napkins: 100% linen 

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  • This harmonious marriage of lace and snowy linen was conceived to cater to every aspiration in the art of hospitality: a tastefully set table and a home that is inviting to guests. An elegant tablecloth that gives a touch of sophistication and classic modernity.

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  • An emotion that envelops you, a unique Italian style that combines beauty, harmony and poetry. The lace that trims the Primavera tablecloth draws inspiration from the Flat Venice Stitch created by the skilled hands of Venetian lace makers in the first half of the 12th century.

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  • A plunge into lace' s refined elegance, where impalpable Point de Gaze patterns meet the light-weight, floral patterns of Punto Duchesse and the precious fine threads of Punto Piatto di Venezia. A new bobbin and needle workings combination for a bed and table set that will enchant you at the...

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  • In the wide lace border of this precious tablecloth, the soft and light floral motifs so dear to the Belgian tradition of the late 1800s live again. It is Point de Gaze, the lace par excellence, entirely needle worked and characterised by refined flowers that cover the entire ground, with complex...

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  • Intarsi Reali table set is a masterpiece of textile art in which the high historical value of the lace is combined with the experienced craftsmanship of Caprai company. Punto Burano needle lace, which was the most sought-after lace by the royalty of the XIX century, is the main protagonist of...

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  • The large full-ground corollas without relief that dominate the wide border of this tablecloth in linen draw inspiration from a bobbin lace made during the 18th century known as Blonda. This lace was made on bobbins with continuous threads, its name deriving from the blond colour silk thread used...

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  • The Sonia and Mariele tablecloth is a wonderful examples of table settings made with cotton jacquard fabric. The drawing is inspired by detail from a 17th century altar frontispiece preserved at S.Giovanni in Laterano. The original is gilded and bears the coat of arms of Alessandro VII (Chigi)....

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  • A splendid tablecloth in cotton, which is embellishes with some insertions of lace; the napkins are trimmed with delicate openwork.

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  • The lightness of the valuable “giro inglese” work highlights the understated elegance of this that comes directly served in our special Jacquard looms in which goes to create the special armor moving the appropriate links that create the leno. This particular process, together with a premium...

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  • The lurex embroidery recalls the timeless beauty and the sensuality typical of the Romanticism of the 1800s. Big roses take turn with tulip buds in the decorative motif, giving a special elegance to this table set. 

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  • This tablecloth is an extraordinary example of Point de Gaze, a Belgian lace made in the 19th and 20th century, completely needle-made. It is a lace worked in separate pieces and can therefore be worked by several lace-makers. The mainly floral motives are made before the netted ground. Few small...

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  • The Principessa collection highlights one of the most beautiful works of modern lace, where the magnificence of the whole results from the geometric arrangement of the parts worked on net and the cadenced rhythm of the relief ribs that embrace the open areas and blend majestically with them. 

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  • The magnificent insertion recalls to mind the style of the Burano laces made between the end of the Nineteenth and the beginning of the Twentieth century. The Burano Lace School realized fans for Queen Willhelmina , the bridal veil for  Princess Elena di Montenegro, and cradles and port-enfants...

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  • This linen table set, with its embroidery of stained rose buds, creates a sort of wind mill effect, thus creating movement in your dining room. The napkins are trimmed with delicate openwork.

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  • The ethereality of the lace enhances the understated elegance of this table set, embellished with bobbin lace edges and filet inlays. The filet is not a real lace, but an embroidery worked in cloth and mending stitch on a net with knotted meshes, made using a spool and a loom.

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  • The Zarina was the Russian Imperial Majesty, and for this article, so rich, there could not be a more appropriate name. The wide embroidered border that finishes the tablecloth is a creation that brings back motifs of the late 1800s: Point de Gaze working and mixed needle and bobbin stitching on...

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  • The central insertion of Siviglia Tablecloth recalls the splendour of Baroque art that pervaded Europe in the 1600s. The lightness and impalpablity of the Punto in Aria disapperead, and a true sculpure was borne. The Gros Point de Venise. The insertion that delimits the side part of the table set...

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  • This tablecloth is an extraordinary example of Point de Gaze, a Belgian lace made in the 19th and 20th century, completely needle-made. It was covered and loved as any other lace at the time. It is a lace worked in separate pieces and can therefore be worked by several lace-makers. The mainly...

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  • The past relives in the inspired design of the modern and elegant Sofia Tablecloth: the Milano stitch lace pattern dresses the table in beauty!

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  • With its exclusive leno weave, this article is certainly one of the most sought-after by the Arnaldo Caprai clientele: its presence guarantees the success of your table and highlights the taste of those who choose it. Leno is a very complex type of weave that involves one or more Jacquard...

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  • The characteristics of gold – its spectacular lustre, its aura of wealth and prestige – have always given it a special place in the art of decoration, in every epoch. The America Vania Tulle table set adds the beauty of 18th century floral whorls to the allure of gold to create a set that will...

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  • One of the designs best loved by Caprai clients is now decorating this America table set too, which alone can render the festive table dazzlingly elegant. On its own or with a simple cloth as a foil to its splendour, it’s bound to catch the eye of all your guests!

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  • Placemats are a perfect way to lay the table, but they become irresistible for a quick lunch with friends! The gold embroidery and the elegance of the calla lily give added grace to this America table set.

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  • A table is elegantly dressed with the Fiori di Primavera tablecloth. To astonish your guests with an impeccably laid table, make room for the refinement of lace and the freshness of pure linen.

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  • Modern in tone and elegant in design, the Orchidea pure linen tablecloth is the perfect choice for your table when the rigours of winter make way for the warm season. This cloth is decorated by a delicate and harmonious macramé lace border of small white orchids. 

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  • Prestige lace detailing points up the purity of linen. The Fresia tablecloth comes in two colours: one is refined and delicate and the other bright and fresh, both inspired by the chic and sophisticated French style.

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  • Conviviality is an art we should celebrate. Be surprised by the sophistication of Caprai’s Non ti Scordar di Me tablecloth: white lace featuring a procession of tiny flowers makes this cloth even more precious. An elegant pure linen product bringing light and beauty to theroom that will receive...

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  • A sea of stylized flowers, created with our looms and which entirely covers the table top, will cheer up your dinner time.

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  • A dream in pure cotton to dress your table in beauty. The Jacquard Tablecloth is perfect for a formal lunch and an ideal foil for exquisite mats like those in Caprai’s Lace Rose Windows Collection.

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