Aurora Bedspread

429,00 €

The Aurora bedspread’s delicate floral leaf pattern is an exquisite decorative motif produced on our own jacquard looms.

Quality luxury that has made history now gives a touch of style to your bedroom. The bedspread’s pattern is bordered by ribbon piping.

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Bedspread: 270x270 cm


Fabric: 58% acrylic, 30% polyester, 12% cotton

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  • Subtle, intimate atmospheres, spaces of refined, sober elegance with delicate golden roses on the bedspread top. Exquisite satins and finishing give this model unique and exclusive appeal.

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  • Design and linearity give this double-face bedspread a modern flavour. The Ardesia Bedspread comes in young fashionable colours and is ideal for any type of furnishing as it combines luxury and design, simplicity and eccentricity. The embroidery is always in ecru thread.

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  • With its geometrical pattern, the Imperiale bedspread conveys a sensation of order and refinement that gives a bedroom the feel of timeless luxury. Also available in a Beige Golden Sand version. 

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  • In the depths of winter treat yourself to the warm embrace of the “Gemma di Cashmere” bedspread and plaid. Give your home a touch of elegance and colour, and yourself a genuine experience of comfort that will enchant your eyes and caress your skin.

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  • Revive the splendour of Baroque art, with an elegant pattern in delicate tones, and at the same time furnish the bedroom with a modern and versatile design changing the position of the embroidery, according to your taste. Not a single bedspread but four sophisticated versions. A tribute to a city...

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  • An emotion that envelops you, a unique Italian style that combines beauty, harmony and poetry. The bedspread draws inspiration from the same volutes and abstract flowers of the lace. These motifs have a strong plastic effect also thanks to the striped background that makes the style of the set...

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  • Ortensia quilt embodies the warmth of family life and the pleasures of home in an elegantly contemporary atmosphere, brought out by the sensitivity of Caprai style. Emerging from the gorgeous pattern of the Jacquard weave is a field of hydrangea buds lit up by a luminous pearl grey, wedded to...

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  • Wonderful bunches of flowers enhance the elegance and softness of the Anastasia bedspread. Thanks to the Jacquard weave the floral motifs of the bedspread create light effects that will give the charm and elegance of bygone times to your bedroom.

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  • Get the most out of your bedroom with Riflessi Preziosi Collection. The gold yarn of the embroidery highlights the sophisticated style, and gives a touch of classic modernity. The bedroom will be lit up with new brightness and elegance All of this makes it a double pleasure: for the eyes, due to...

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  • The softness of the cashmere make this bedspread an irreplaceable  piece in your room. The essential design and the minimalist elegance embrace you in warmth and comfort letting you indulge in the pleasure of the contact with a completely natural and extremely valuable fabric.  

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  • The result of extraordinary textile expertise, Caprice Bedspread is a marvellous example of Limerick point. With a myriad of delicate bunches of flowers that seem to flutter above the soft patterns of tulle, it creates a mood, ambiance, and sensation that are a delightful reflection of your...

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  • This quilt is extremely elegant and refined and it will enhance the beauty of your  home and make it more precious. The Jacquard technique used heightens the chiaroscuro effects of the silver patterns on the deep blue fabric and creates a bas-relief effect of great beauty.

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  • The extraordinary and precious bedspread, in a nice indigo colour features geometric motifs alternated with floral patterns and, with its elegance, is ideal for the people who want to distinguish themselves.

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  • The embroidery of Armida bedspread takes inspiration from the Burano Venetian School of the late Nineteenth century. The volute pattern, in which an innovative play of little flowers runs after, takes turns with the floral and the natural elements. The final aesthetic effect makes the Armida...

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  • The Baroque Art Collection is inspired by and recalls the splendour and pomp of  Baroque style. And also the numbers that characterize this textile masterpiece are quite impressive: 61.6 metres of lace, 65,000 metres of embroidery thread and over 15,000,000 embroidery stitches!

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  • Delicious all-over posies characterize this quilt which suggests spring emotions. Two matching cushions are precious accessories that are available with the quilt.

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  • Warm colours that can change the atmosphere of the room transforming it into a place where you will enjoy the intimacy and warmth of the family. The warm colours of Jessica bedspread perfectly suit this particular atmosphere and are enhanced by the embroidery inspired by Ancient Stitch. Details...

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  • The Lagoon and its romantic appeal become a key motif in bedroom furnishing thanks to the perilous pattern of its most feared animal, the crocodile.  This is the second inspiration in Caprai’s new Animalier Collection! 

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  • The perfection of the boundless Desert glides across the pattern of this bedspread reproducing the coils of a python… to produce a bed set with an original and sensual look.

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  • The zebra’s coat becomes a splendid bedspread that brings luxuriant, enveloping beauty into your home. The first inspiration in the new Animalier Collection is nature in the wilds of the Savannah!

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  • Let yourself be enveloped by the magical patterns of the Forest, in a spider’s web of softness that will keep you warm even in the winter’s coldest nights!

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  • The delicate flowers and foliage of the Zaira bedspread are an exquisite decorative touch set off by skillful jacquard weaving.Moreover, thanks to the delicate macramé stitching that runs along the entire border, Zaira will fit in perfectly with a wide range of decors.

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  • Siviglia collection takes us back to the splendours of Baroque art, with the spiritual attitude that claimed freedom of creative imagination against all the academic rules of the time. Thus the Baroque lace, imbued with a timeless beauty and crafted by expert and nimble hands, now lives again...

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  • Lace expresses its style in an elegant and refined collection that proposes the typical motifs of traditional textile art reinterpreted in a modern key. Sofia linen set is of unrivalled beauty and combines precious fabrics, Jacquard weaving and macramé lace frills that make it unique.

    508,00 €
  • A plunge into lace' s refined elegance, where impalpable Point de Gaze patterns meet the light-weight, floral patterns of Punto Duchesse and the precious fine threads of Punto Piatto di Venezia. A new bobbin and needle workings combination for a bed and table set that will enchant you at the...

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  • The bedspread, in polyester yarn and cotton bouclé, creates a wonderful pattern of embroidered leaves thanks to the particular chiaroscuro effects given by alternating white and cream colours.

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  • Elegance reaches the height of splendour in the Miranda bed linen set, whose interweaving of lurex and cotton is mesmerizing. This masterpiece will ensure sweet dreams, as if you’d fallen asleep in a cloud.

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  • Bed Set Vienna 2016 is composed of great modernity and refinement and allude to the delicate nuancing of the abstract art nouveau of the Vienna school of Gustav Klimt and Adolf Loos, with a series of combinations ranging across dove colour, cream and grey. 

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  • A modern and fashionable bed set featuring two brands of excellence: the Caprai tradition marries the luxury pop style of Cruciani, the latter embroidering its iconic four-leaf clover in the bedspread pattern. To complete the Collection, the Four-leaf Clover from the famous Cruciani C bracelets...

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  • Softness, cheerfulness, colour, guaranteed quality, care over detail… this and much else besides in the Caprai collections! 

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