Margot Bed Sheet

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The elegant lace that frames the fine linen sheet recalls skill of Flemish lace-makers who gradually transferred the majority of the fancy stitches of needlepoint lace to the bobbin lace technique. 

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The execution of Brussels lace, with elements derived from the Duchesse type on a background of mechanical net, accentuates the light and shade effects of the design, which evolves nimbly into a delightful floral interweaving of small and large flowers with ample scrolls of stylised leaves. The terminal part of the border has smaller decorative motifs comprising bunches of flowers, buds, and small leaves.

Fabric: 100% cotton


1 Top sheet       240x300 cm

1 Bottom sheet  240x290 cm

2 Pillow cases   60x100 cm

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  • Regal in appearance and in the shades of white and beige, the Nabilia bed set enhances the luminosity of your bedroom with its inlays of light that move between the spaces of the filet embroidery, giving a touch of charm and natural warmth.

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  • The Olivia bed sheet is modern and refined and it is ideal for dynamic people. Its interplay of colours perfectly suits all tastes: from classic, revisited in a modern key, and ethnic to the experimentation of new shapes characterized by very refined lines and colours. 

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  • It draws inspiration from Flat Venice Stitch, created thanks to the skilled hands of Venetian lace makers in the years between 1630. In the first half of the seventeenth century Flemish towns conquered the market of bobbin lace also thanks to the high quality of their linen, blanched and spun to...

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  • The Principessa collection highlights one of the most beautiful works of modern macramé, where the magnificence of the whole results from the geometric arrangement of the parts worked on net and the cadenced rhythm of the relief ribs that embrace the open areas and blend majestically with them.

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  • There is no better name to define this masterpiece of textile art: the lace that frames the ultra-fine linen of the sheet is taken from a design by Vinciolo published in the 1500s.

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  • Dreams of softness and tenderness... the Romantico bedsheet, with a row of delicate tulip buds along the turned-down border of the sheet and the edges of the pillowcases, brings sensuality and magic into the bedroom, for never-ending emotion.

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  • Caprai, constantly engaged in rediscovering Italian cultural values, has created this stunning article. Here, you will find the lacework of the Baroque period and the entredeux lace deriving from the Aemilia Ars school, an arts and crafts movement in Bologna.

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  • Sultana bedsheets allow you to satisfy your need for relation and to discover moments of natural freedom in precious fabrics, refined lace and tasteful details.

    816,00 €
  • The dove grey floral pattern stands out against the white background of the bed sheet: a very romantic design for your room! 

    643,00 €
  • Tammy bed sheet celebrates beauty. The wonderful  border in broderie anglaise lace, on which many delicate rose buds are  embroidered, is embellished with a romantic trimming in macramé lace.  The bed  sheet is made even more precious by a  delicious lilac ribbon which seems “to  play” along its...

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  • Get the most out of your bedroom with Riflessi Preziosi Collection. The gold yarn of the embroidery highlights the sophisticated style, and gives a touch of classic modernity. All of this makes it a double pleasure: for the eyes, due to its sophistication, and to the touch, due to the quality of...

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  • The lace on tulle of Armida bed sheet takes inspiration from the Burano Venetian School of the late Nineteenth century. The volute pattern, in which an innovative play of little flowers runs after, takes turns with the floral and the natural elements. The final aesthetic effect makes the Armida...

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  • A precious and elegant textile masterpiece of great beauty. “E’ del poeta il fin la meraviglia” (wonder is the poet’s aim) (Giovan Battista Marino, 1569–1625)… and for the 2011 edition the “poet” Arnaldo Caprai has created a Collection which, thanks to the extreme care of the details, precious...

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  • Fresh scents and a pleasant sensation of well-being seem to exude from the Glicine bed sheet. A simply elegant bed set with delicate embroidery and colourful trims which contribute to make it perfect for a pleasant rest. The pillowcases are finished with four hems.

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