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  • Melissa Table Set
    Melissa Table Set

    Fabric: 100% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270...

    555,00 €
  • Dalia Table Set
    Dalia Table Set

    Fabric: 100% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270...

    555,00 €
  • Fiori d'Estate Table Set
    Fiori d'Estate Table Set

    Fabric: 20%cotton, 80% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth...

    490,00 €
  • Magnolia Table Set
    Magnolia Table Set

    Fabric:100% linen Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270 cm)12 Napkins (48X48...

    450,00 €
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  • On an expanse of pure silk bloom floral motifs drawn from the vestiges of Lorenzo the Magnificent, where the Jacquard weave emerges in all its beauty, with its plays of light that embellish both the sheet flounce and the pillow case.

    1 813,00 €
  • The tulle lace of the Rosatea bed sheet features a beautiful combination of leaflets, inspired by Point de Gaze lace, and Chantilly motifs. Typical details and motifs of traditional fabrics are reinterpreted with a modern twist to satisfy an increasing desire of naturalness and simplicity as well...

    740,00 €
  • This elegant, stylish sheet, though fashionably up-to-date, has a flounce that evokes the classic decorative motifs of Venetian Punto Piatto. This needlemade lace from the first half of the 17th century retains the basic forms of Gros Point de Venise, adding large Baroque flowers, bars and picot...

    823,00 €
  • The large full-ground corollas without relief that dominate the wide border of this sheet draw inspiration from a bobbin lace made during the 18th century known as Blonda. Its name derives from the blond colour silk thread used originally. Later, it was also made using multicolour silk, black,...

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  • Bed Set Vienna 2016 is composed of great modernity and refinement and allude to the delicate nuancing of the abstract art nouveau of the Vienna school of Gustav Klimt and Adolf Loos, with a series of combinations ranging across dove colour, cream and grey. 

    2 300,00 €
  • All the traits and characteristics of the famous lace originating in the Ile-de-France region, Chantilly bobbin lace, come to life again in this marvellous sheet. The floral ornamentation, developed in Baroque style, shows graceful scrolls.

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  • A plunge into lace' s refined elegance, where impalpable Point de Gaze patterns meet the light-weight, floral patterns of Punto Duchesse and the precious fine threads of Punto Piatto di Venezia. A new bobbin and needle workings combination for a bed and table set that will enchant you at the...

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  • Along the border of the Delizia bed sheet and its pillowcases there are lovely leaflets arranged so as to form a winding set of small arches.

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  • A precious and elegant textile masterpiece of great beauty. “E’ del poeta il fin la meraviglia” (wonder is the poet’s aim) (Giovan Battista Marino, 1569–1625)… and for the 2011 edition the “poet” Arnaldo Caprai has created a Collection which, thanks to the extreme care of the details, precious...

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  • Get the most out of your bedroom with Riflessi Preziosi Collection. The gold yarn of the embroidery highlights the sophisticated style, and gives a touch of classic modernity. All of this makes it a double pleasure: for the eyes, due to its sophistication, and to the touch, due to the quality of...

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  • The Incanto bed sheet has a wonderful tulle lace trimming based on the famous "LACE from Victoria and Albert Museum" by Clare Brown, belonging to the Arnaldo Caprai Museum Collection. It is a needle lace coming from the Burano School (Venice) made in 1880 and inspired by the French refined...

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