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  • Melissa Table Set
    Melissa Table Set

    Fabric: 100% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270...

    555,00 €
  • Dalia Table Set
    Dalia Table Set

    Fabric: 100% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270...

    555,00 €
  • Fiori d'Estate Table Set
    Fiori d'Estate Table Set

    Fabric: 20%cotton, 80% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth...

    490,00 €
  • Magnolia Table Set
    Magnolia Table Set

    Fabric:100% linen Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270 cm)12 Napkins (48X48...

    450,00 €
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  • The Principessa collection highlights one of the most beautiful works of modern lace, where the magnificence of the whole results from the geometric arrangement of the parts worked on net and the cadenced rhythm of the relief ribs that embrace the open areas and blend majestically with them. 

    1 369,00 €
  • With its embroidery on elegant lightweight tulle, the Sofia bed linen set revives the sinuous beauty of the Punto Milano technique. This bobbin lace, which has enjoyed extraordinary success and popularity due to the modernity of its shapes, is characterized by a continuous band running around the...

    727,00 €
  • An emotion that envelops you, a unique Italian style that combines beauty, harmony and poetry. The bedspread draws inspiration from the same volutes and abstract flowers of the lace. These motifs have a strong plastic effect also thanks to the striped background that makes the style of the set...

    440,00 €
  • Bed Set Vienna 2016 is composed of great modernity and refinement and allude to the delicate nuancing of the abstract art nouveau of the Vienna school of Gustav Klimt and Adolf Loos, with a series of combinations ranging across dove colour, cream and grey. 

    2 300,00 €
  • An exquisite, sought-after piece that bears the name of a great painter. Arnaldo Caprai wanted to create a piece that alone decorates a bedroom in an original and exclusive way. The central insertion that runs along the border is particular that could only be created by the poet of lace.

    1 139,00 €
  • Point de Gaze lace excels in the Reine de Bruges blanket. Point de Gaze is a belgian lace made in the 19th and 20th century, completely needle-made. It was loved more than any other lace at the time. It was a lace worked in separated pieces and can therefore be worked by several lace-makers.

    2 032,00 €
  • Get the most out of your bedroom with Riflessi Preziosi Collection. The gold yarn of the embroidery highlights the sophisticated style, and gives a touch of classic modernity. The bedroom will be lit up with new brightness and elegance All of this makes it a double pleasure: for the eyes, due to...

    1 946,00 €
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