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  • A unique, striking combination of features graces the Vania table linen set: Jacquard satin fabric, completely embroidered with floral decorations inspired by 18th century motifs. The alternation of elegant whorls and areas of light make it perfect for the most important occasions, where its...

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  • This harmonious marriage of lace and snowy linen was conceived to cater to every aspiration in the art of hospitality: a tastefully set table and a home that is inviting to guests. An elegant tablecloth that gives a touch of sophistication and classic modernity.

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  • Intarsi Reali table set is a masterpiece of textile art in which the high historical value of the lace is combined with the experienced craftsmanship of Caprai company. Punto Burano needle lace, which was the most sought-after lace by the royalty of the XIX century, is the main protagonist of...

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  • A plunge into lace' s refined elegance, where impalpable Point de Gaze patterns meet the light-weight, floral patterns of Punto Duchesse and the precious fine threads of Punto Piatto di Venezia. A new bobbin and needle workings combination for a bed and table set that will enchant you at the...

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  • The lace, with its chiaroscuro effects and sinuous floral motifs that arise one from the other, is like a poem. The Flat Venice Stitch corners, flounces and inserts are the most precious details of this textile masterpiece. The napkins are trimmed with a hemstitch and embellished with a lace...

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