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Discover Caprai's wedding bed sheets collection: luxury and elegance in touch with your skin.

From the exclusive twist of laces and satin to the fine and soft textiles of cashmere and silk.

A unique way to tell the history about a safe haven to hold who we love, a newborn relation or an endless romance.

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  • Melissa Table Set
    Melissa Table Set

    Fabric: 100% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270...

    555,00 €
  • Dalia Table Set
    Dalia Table Set

    Fabric: 100% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270...

    555,00 €
  • Fiori d'Estate Table Set
    Fiori d'Estate Table Set

    Fabric: 20%cotton, 80% linen Lace: 100% cotton Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth...

    490,00 €
  • Magnolia Table Set
    Magnolia Table Set

    Fabric:100% linen Dimensions: 1 Tablecloth (180x270 cm)12 Napkins (48X48...

    450,00 €
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